Corporate Wellness

We will successfully implement and maintain an overall corporate wellness program. Some of the objectives we concentrate on are: increasing the general health of staff; facilitate and aid in conquering specific fitness objectives; facilitate, design, and operate any and all gym facilities for your company; locate and facilitate satellite work-out facilities for company; aid your company in recruitment and retention via showcasing our services; and help to increase and maintain workplace productivity.

Our wellness program generally consists of three parts:

The working environment
This is also described as ‘company culture’ Community will initiate and foster a health-positive work environment through multiple means: fresh juices, fresh organic fruit, mindfulness suggestions and reminders in common areas, helpful nutritional information and statistics in pantry and surrounding areas, weekly contact with staff and positive reinforcement of goals set, weekly chair massages, etc.

Team endeavors
Community will immediately begin to place your company in certain group physical endeavors that individual staff can begin to train for both individually and communally. ex.- company fun- runs, company league games/ company vs company friendly games, spartan runs, etc. Ideally, we would like to have at least one event every 4-6 weeks.

Individual/personal advancement
Our staff will work with individuals at your company to accomplish personal wellness goals. We contract the best trained and most sought after pro’s in NYC. Our pro’s will facilitate your company to train, prep, and increase as well as maintain overall health and wellness.